We assure customer satisfaction

through commitment to each on an individual level

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Electrical Contracting

Cowart Electric Inc. is pleased to announce an improvement to a service we have performed for 10 years

Air Compressors

The highly efficient LS and LP air compressors also offer a duplex design with dual compressor heads

Water Treatment

Well and City water Problems, Solutions for water problems & Products

About Us

Since our start in 1980, we have continued to grow and diversify into a business to better serve our customers. Presently there are two companies with the capability of working separately or joining forces to provide a more comprehensive team. It is the goal of both Cowart companies to offer a good, drug free, safe working environment for our employees and to assure customer satisfaction through commitment to each on an individual level. We will strive to expand our services and enlarge our family of customers through fast and complete service and competitive pricing.

Cowart Electric and Cowart Air Compressor share a common goal to become part of the solution, not part of the problem. A very large percentage of our jobs are done directly for the owner of the company and not as a sub-contractor. We realize that all we have to sell is our service, versatility and ability to do, in most cases, a turnkey job. We maintain the equipment and personnel to attack jobs that normally would take several contractors working together to complete.

Cowart Electric and Industrial Contractors Inc has expanded it’s services with two separate divisions to better serve our present and future customers:

Cowart Electric Generator division was started in 1998. The generator division offers sizing, sales, installation, service, preventive maintenance and load bank testing. This is the only turn-key operations in this area. Cowart has installed and presently services generators from Atlanta, GA to Ocala, FL and the Florida panhandle.

Cowart Water Treatment division was formed in early 2004 at the request of the manufacturer and local suppliers. The goal of this division is to offer to the local area a water treatment sales and service group that will be constant in pricing and service. We offer free water testing for sulfur, iron, tannins and hardness.

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